Hello 2016!


Happy 2016!  I always get so excited for the start of the new year.  For me it is a time for new beginnings and boundless hope.  The new year gives me the chance to reflect on my previous year and celebrate my blessings as well as let go of my shortcomings.  With the passing of each year, I know that I am given the chance to leave behind relationships, attitudes  and experiences that no longer impact my life in a positive way.  The new year gives me permission to let go of toxic or stagnant relationships.  I get a chance to start again.  I can hit the pause button and reorder my steps if that is what is needed.  I can reallocated my best time for the things that matter most in my life.  The powerful and sometimes painful lessons I learned last year can serve as my guide in the months to come.

On the first day of the new year, I spend hours writing in my journal. With words (and a little glitter), I capture my hopes, goals and vision for the upcoming year. The intent is to write without editing and pour out what is on my mind or in my heart.  Since I am a visual person, I then will creatively express my thoughts on a vision board. This year my masterpiece is an expression of what I want more of this year.  I want my year to be filled with things and relationships that truly matter.  Pursuing meaningful work and integrating my passions into my career are at the top of my list for 2016. I truly want to experience wholehearted living.  As I was gathering prose and pictures for the board, I came across a description of a woman that I truly aspire to become.  The description is written below (Porter Magazine January 2016):

“There is a woman.  We have watched her for years, but she continues to surprise.  Perhaps she has grown in stature and found her voice.  A champion among women, at ease in front of any audience, she has changed the way we see – not only her but the world at large.  Escape was her goal, from old ways of thinking to new outlooks and fresh expectations.  Bolder than ever, she is paving the way for others to follow.”

What words of inspiration will inspire you this year?  What is your vision for 2016?

With Love & Wonder,



Coming this spring! Do you want to do more of what you love? Are you ready for more meaningful connections and yearn to nurture the relationships that matter? Do you believe that you were created to have a bigger impact in the world?

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About Angela

Angela M. Joyner, PhD is the Founder of The Wonder Loft, a positive leadership coaching practice for women. Through her writing, teaching, and curating unique workshop experiences, Angela helps women discover their unique brilliance, have more confidence and flourish. Her mission is to nourish the minds and souls of women around the world. Learn more at http://www.thewonderloft.com.

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