The Smallest Acts


For the past month, I have been trying to be more consistent about making good food choices and exercising.  A new walking trail just opened close to my home and I was inspired to take my daily walk on the path.  To keep me committed, I started placing goofy smiley face stickers on my calendar every time I completed a workout.  I know it sounds a little childish; however, this little ritual has helped me stay committed to getting out of bed or ending my day with a walk/run.  After looking at my calendar for May, I realized that I actually was in the process of creating a habit.

We often try to create a habit or make a decision by the way we feel.  Most people make a decision by waiting to feel like doing something, then taking action and then making the decision.  This is how I typically would approach my workout.  I would wake up in the morning and think about if I felt like working out.  If I felt like working out, I would get up (the action) and then decide to walk or run.  In my research, “The Theodora Effect”TM, I looked at people who were considered positively deviant.  This meant that they were the top 1-5% performers. I was interested in what set them apart from other leaders.  In Peter Voogd’s book, 6 Months to 6 Figures, he also looked at the 5%.  Peter believes that these people approach their decisions/habits differently.  This special group of people make a decision to do something, then act and then acknowledge how they feel.

It is in that small act that you can create a habit.  You can be unreasonable in your choice to change your life.  Each moment is an opportunity that you can decide to lead with confidence, love more deeply, make healthy choices or forgive.  Right now in this moment you can change your professional career with one small act.

What small act will you do today?

With love & wonder,


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The Wonder Loft Introduction Video 2

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