Be a Rock Star at Work


How do you consistently deliver rock star performance day in and day out without burning out?  Here are a few things you can start doing right now:

Start with the end in mind

Create micro intentions each day.  On your calendar jot down what things you need to get done today.  Put them on your itinerary or printed calendar so they are visible.  Determine what do you need to get done today.  Crafting a path for the day will give you direction and purpose.  As you go through your day, empower yourself to say “no”.  Eliminate or reduce the time you spend doing anything that is not contributing to delivering positive results or providing a meaningful impact to your company.  Focus your time on the ONE thing that will have the biggest impact that day.  If you can incorporate the practice of focusing on impact you can devote your best thinking where it matters most.


Incorporate pauses in your day to maximize your energy.  Our schedules can become hectic and overwhelming.  There have been many times when I have started my feeling defeated because I have been double booked for almost every hour of the day.  I try to incorporate short walks, bio breaks or even turning off your phone for a few minutes during your day.  When you start feeling overwhelmed or defeated, disrupt that sensation and shift it to something more productive.  I have created a special playlist on my iphone that I play in my office.  In between meetings, I play may favorite song on my headset.  I also save Harvard Business review  or Live Happy articles to read in between my meetings to disrupt the mad rush of my day.  Silence can also be a smart tool to help you incorporate more pauses. Walking meetings are also in my toolkit.

Create an Impact Journal

I am a huge fan of “to-do” lists.  However, I have learned how to transform them into a more powerful tool.  Just don’t cross off the things on your “to do list”, make it a practice to identify the impact you made that day.  Did you save the company time or money?  Did you increase revenues, beat a deadline, reduce effort, or deliver positive results?  Is the business or culture better because of your contributions?  Your impact tracker can be an essential tool for your annual performance reviews, your resume updates and can also help you stand out from your peers as a leader.

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