Top 10 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Thumbs up 2014Did you know that there is actually a holiday in January called “Abandon your New Year’s Resolution Day”?  Are you having trouble keeping your New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. Most people who make resolutions fail to keep them. Here are ten ways to make and keep New Year’s resolutions-or any changes in your life.

1. Make resolutions you care about. Be certain the change you want to make really matters to you, and that it’s not just something you think you “should” do.

2. Be specific and concrete. Not “I want to lose weight” but “I want to lose five pounds by March 15.” State your goals in measurable and attainable terms.

Hand holding pen3. Make the time. If you want to exercise three times a week, write the dates and times in your calendar.

4. Easy does it. Start slowly. Don’t expect to run a marathon by February if you can’t make six miles now.

5. Do it differently. If you’ve made the same old resolution for ten years and never been able to keep it, do something different this time. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Woman on a track6. Accentuate the positive. Better to say what you can do rather than what you can’t. Instead of “no fatty foods,” say “nonfat milk and fruit for dessert.”

7. Start over if you need to. Don’t let a slip cause you to quit the whole program. Like the song says, “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.”

8. Share your resolutions with a buddy. It’s easier to exercise with a friend, join a book club with your sister-in-law, or quit smoking in a supportive group.

Two women9. Believe in yourself. Use positive self-talk, affirmations, encouraging notes on the bathroom mirror.

10. Celebrate your successes. Congratulate and reward yourself.

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