Top 10 Signs of Strength




Flash the Morse code signal SOS and help is sure to come your way. Master these 10 signs of strength (SOS) and the help you receive may be in the form of improved relationships, greater joy, connection with yourself, better self-care and enhanced communication.




1. Respond instead of react. When we react, we give away our personal power.



2. Identify and learn from your judgments. Judgments are often a reflection of our own inner needs and values.



3. Reach out when you need it. Asking for help is not a weakness.



4. Keep your word—especially to yourself. Your professional reputation can be built on ad foundation of integrity.



5. Speak what is true for you. Authenticity begins here, now.





6. Take time for yourself. This isn’t narcissistic or indulgent. Caring for yourself helps you care for others better. 



7. Know what you want. Take the time to figure out this one. It’s worth it.






8. Don’t take things personally. Even if it sounds personal, it usually isn’t.



9. Set boundaries. Honoring your limits is an act of caring.



10. Recognize fear as a guide, not a barrier. Use your fear to help you stretch beyond your previous experiences.


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About Angela



Angela Joyner is a leadership expert, coach and national speaker.  She founded The Wonder Loft, LLC coaching practice for women.  Angela is devoted to teaching women around the world how to authentically navigate the corporate environment, lead with confidence and get promoted at work. Through private coaching, workshops, and signature talks, Angela shows women (and a few good men) how to create a powerful leadership brand and an abundant life they love. 


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