Stuck in a pair of Louboutins


Last week I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker at Sears Holdings WiLD Leadership Summit. It was an amazing day of skill building and networking with high potential leaders in the organization.  This was my first talk with the women at Sears and I really wanted to make sure that they walked away with tangible ways that they could get unstuck from limiting behaviors and take their careers to the next level.  Well about three minutes into my talk, I actually got stuck.  The heel of my black patent leather Loboutins got caught in an opening on the stage!  At first, I tried to casually move my foot around to see if I could dislodge it while sharing my opening remarks.  Then I realized that my shoe was not going to budge while I was still in them.  Needless to say I was mortified.

So instead of trying to ignore my shoe malfunction or give my talk from one spot on the stage, I decided to be transparent about the situation.  I told the women in the audience that my shoe was stuck and that I did not intend for that to stop me from sharing the juicy information I had prepared for them.  I have a passion for helping leaders grow and I didn’t want to turn the focus of my talk on my mishap.  This session wasn’t about me delivering a great talk; it was about the special women who had been selected to participate in this exclusive day. So I calmly stepped out of both shoes and did my entire talk barefoot in front a room full of women.  To my surprise, many women applauded my authenticity and vulnerability.  I received glowing reviews from several of the participants and many said that my quick thinking and being transparent was heart warming and inspiring. 


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