A Generation of Love


My mom has always been one of my favorite people in my life.  Her love, care and spunky attitude have contributed to the woman I am today. My mom was always trying to make others lives better.  She made sure we had hot chocolate chip cookies on the first day of school, fun activities for our long car drives, creative Easter baskets and cool Halloween decorations.  As my Girl Scout leader, my chauffeur to dance classes, and my first personal stylist, my mom has always supported my dreams and passions.  She has always been courageous and authentic regardless of the challenge.


Now that I am older, our relationship has blossomed into something even more special.  While my mom is still my cheerleader and promoter, she is also my best friend.  Although, I did have to release her from her role as my  stylist (check out the fantastic green outfit she made me for my school picture. 




This Mother’s Day I will celebrate my mother and the love she brings into my life.  She will always be my confidante, supporter, and mom.  I hope that you will show the mom’s in your life love and appreciation this May.


With love & wonder,


Angela’s Inquiry:

What is your favorite memory of your mother? I would love to hear your stories.  Feel free to share them on The Wonder Loft Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wonder-Loft-LLC/115792968435685 or email them to me at angela@thewonderloft.com.  


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