The Practices of Great Families

Great families model the great behavior (e.g. love, hope, trust, etc)
  • Your kids and family will “do as you do” not necessarily “as you say”
  • You teach what you are  – but you model what you know
    • Start and end your day with prayer
    • Say grace and count your blessings
    • Attend church together

2.  Great families identify and nurture uniqueness

  • Honor the uniqueness of children and their family members
  • Celebrate each person’s uniqueness instead of comparing differences.
  • Comparing siblings personality will minimize their unique personality and talents
  • Do not live your fantasies or unfulfilled dreams through your children .  It stifles their ability to become who they were destined to be.
  • Choose to nurture differences.

3.  Great Families produce a unique family culture and identity

  • Don’t be fooled by society that your children and family must have the very best things all the time.
  • Don’t get caught up in trying to provide your family everything you did not get to have.
  • What you owe your children and family is space in your life (e.g quality time together)
  • Create family rituals
    • Family Game night or movie night
    • Eating dinner together
    • Family dance party
    • Have a “No Media Night” (put all cell phones, computers, and video games away for a night) – and do an activity together
  • Think about what rituals you are creating and what that says about the value you put on your relationships and quality time.
  •  If you are constantly checking emails, voicemail, blackberry, texting, playing video games, etc., you are telling everyone else that your device or what you are doing right now is more important than spending time with them.

4.  Great families develop character intentionally

  • Kids/people need choices and consequences
  • Don’t overuse your authority
  • Allow children to experience the consequences for the choices they made.  For example, if you need to get up at 7:30 am on Sunday to attend church and the kids stayed up to 2 am watching movies, allow them to experience the consequence. The family made a commitment to attend church and everyone will attend church regardless of the amount of sleep received.  Maybe the next time they will choose to go to bed earlier so that they will have a better experience waking up for church.

5.  Great families seek out wise counsel

  • Take full advantage of the local resources to help guide your family  (e.g. church, student ministries, mentors, coaches, community centers, etc.)
  • “It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb

What is your favorite family ritual?  Why?

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